Listen to Mother Nature

Welcome to my Mother Nature's Blog where we can create awareness on what is happening surround us and what we can do about it. Mother Nature have been there for the universal since 4.5 billions years ago.  She is full of joy when she have her own planet that is full of greenish -yellow lands, blue-sky ocean and air with all living eco system in a harmonious balance. She is very proud of her children that carry responsibilities to make sure the eco system will always be balance and she is full of joy when she have her own planet to take care off.


S he came to love mankind very much and we became her children. Sadly, she did not teach her children when they are young, did not discipline them enough to love the other siblings, always give excuses and forgive their mistakes and also show them too much of loves that might have spoiled them. She didnt realised all her love is wrong and it is too late to teach her children the right things to do. Mankind become too dominant and they are exploiting all the natures without thinking the consequences. They have bullied all the nature creatures on the planet without thinking that they hurt their Mother Nature.